Brahmastra Box Office: Film is unstoppable as it scores another huge day of Rs. 40 crores+; collects Rs. 120 cr on opening weekend

It is raining records at the box office. Finally, the charm of the big screen is working tremendously well amongst the audiences, what with not just advance booking but also current booking turning out to be brisk for Brahmastra. This was seen on Sunday too when yet another fantabulous day of over Rs. 40 crores was registered at the box office. The collections were superb all over which shows yet again how well has the film been accepted by the audiences. Be it the story, the VFX or the performances, or the music, there are huge takers already.

The kind of footfalls that are being generated would have been hailed as blockbuster variety during pre-pandemic as well and here all of this is happening in post-pandemic, which makes the entire success story even sweeter. Of course, there is a lot more that is yet to be achieved by the Karan Johar production due to the costs involved. This is a film where one cannot really put an upper cap on how much is required from just the theatrical run since the actual costs have not yet been revealed and returns through other monetization channels are not disclosed.

Still, what matters for the industry is that audiences are back, and that too in huge numbers, what with Rs. 120.75 crores coming in already. Now all that is required is for the momentum to continue right into the weekdays, which seems like the case since the trend over the weekend has been quite impressive. Right now, the film is on track to clock at least Rs. 225-250 crores at the box office, and it would be known in the next 3 days itself that whether the overall hail for this Ayan Mukherji-directed extravaganza could end up covering an even greater distance.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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