Brahmastra collects USD 11 mil. [Rs. 87.64 cr.] at the overseas box office, all set to cross the Rs. 100 cr. mark

The Ranbir Kapoor – Alia Bhatt starrer Brahmastra directed by Ayan Mukerji hit screens earlier this month. Also starring Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna, and Mouni Roy with special appearances from Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, the film came along with immense hope and expectations attached. Released across over 9000 screens worldwide, Brahmastra was touted to be one of the biggest money spinners of the year. Living up to expectations the film opened on a good note and continued to see business remain high over its opening week. Now after its second weekend running, Brahmastra which saw its business spike yet again over the weekend has managed to post rather good collections.

In fact, in the overseas markets alone, Brahmastra has managed to draw in a massive USD 11 million [Rs. 87.64 cr.] at the close of its second weekend running. Looking at the overseas collections breakup of Brahmastra it comes as no surprise that the markets of the U.S.A and Canada lead the roster collecting $ 45,12,176 [Rs. 36 crores], and $ 20,94,668 [Rs. 16.71 crores] respectively. Following these two major markets are other overseas territories like UK & Ireland where the film collected £ 8,75,800 [Rs. 7.96 crores], Australia A$ 14,66,180 [Rs. 7.79 crores], New Zealand NZ$ 3,39,476 [Rs. 1.62 crores], and Hong Kong saw HK$ 10,84,896 [Rs. 1.11 crores] coming in. If that wasn’t enough, markets like Germany, Malaysia, and Singapore as well saw Brahmastra perform decently well at the box office recording collections of € 1,04,021 [Rs. 82.87 lacs], MYR 2,19,914 [Rs. 38.56 lacs], and S$ 48,446 [Rs. 27.43 lacs] respectively.

Currently, Brahmastra which seems to be dominating the box office in both the domestic and international markets is expected to continue its theatrical run. In fact, looking at the current trend, trade estimates claim that the business of Brahmastra which is currently pegged at Rs. 87.64 cr. in the overseas markets is certain to cross the Rs. 100 cr. mark by the end of its second week.

Brahmastra overseas collections at the close of the second weekend
United States of America – 45,12,176 $ [Rs. 36 crores]
Canada – 20,94,668 $ [Rs. 16.71 crores]
UK & Ireland – 8,75,800 £ [Rs. 7.96 crores]
Australia – 14,66,180 A$ [Rs. 7.79 crores]
New Zealand – 3,39,476 NZ$ [Rs. 1.62 crores]
Hong Kong – 10,84,896 HK$ [Rs. 1.11 crores]
Germany – 1,04,021 € [Rs. 82.87 lacs]
Malaysia – 2,19,914 MYR [Rs. 38.56 lacs]
Singapore – 48,446 S$ [Rs. 27.43 lacs]

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