Vikram Vedha Overseas Box Office: Hrithik Roshan starrer collects USD 1 million in overseas on Day 1

The Hrithik Roshan action entertainer Vikram Vedha which has been making headlines in the run up to its release has finally hit screens. Released across 1633 screens in over 104 counties overseas expectations of the film were at an all-time high. Not surprisingly, the remake of the south film featuring R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi has opened on a thunderous note. In fact, exceeding expectations Vikram Vedha which also stars Saif Ali Khan has managed to draw in a staggering USD 1 million on its opening day from the overseas markets alone.

In this box office report, we look at the overseas collections of Vikram Vedha breaking the same into territory wide collections. Not surprisingly, the overseas markets of USA and Canada lead the chart, collecting USD 362,161 [Rs. 2.96 cr.], followed by the overseas markets of U.A.E and G.C.C which managed to draw in USD 252,224 [Rs. 2.05 cr.] and USD 165,856 [Rs. 1.35 cr.] respectively. If that was not enough, the business of Vikram Vedha in the overseas markets of Australia, UK, and New Zealand has been equally good, recording collections of USD 74,730 [Rs. 0.61 cr.], USD 50,622 [Rs. 0.41 cr.] and USD 13,260 [Rs. 0.11 cr.] respectively. Interestingly, in Singapore as well Vikram Vedha has managed to make a mark at the box office with USD 11,875 [Rs. 0.97 cr.] coming in on day 1. While, making up the rest of the world the film saw a further USD 71,942 [Rs. 0.59 cr.] coming in.

Currently, Vikram Vedha continues its box office run, with trade predictions claiming that the business of the film which has been well received by the masses will continue to see growth over its opening weekend. In fact, given the hype surrounding Vikram Vedha early estimates state that the film will fat emerge as one of the highest Bollywood grossers this year.

Vikram Vedha Overseas Box Office at a glance:
USA & Canada – USD 362,161
UAE – USD 252,224
GCC – USD 165,856
Australia – USD 74,730
U.K and Ireland – USD 50,622
New Zealand & Fiji – USD 13,260
Singapore – USD 11,875
Rest of the World- USD 71,942

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